Snark. Bridging digital space and you.

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Core features

Explore your world

All of the information you need about a location is just one tap away. Channels are maintained by the community — allowing simple discovery of happenings.

Chat in location

Talk to others around you and share your experiences like never before. Start a conversation with the individuals who were at the same location as you.

Questions answered

What are you wondering about? Get that one specific question answered by our location-based virtual assistants. They're here to help.

Bridge the gap between digital and physical space

Explore your world

Simple discovery of local happenings in your community

Questions answered

Get the answers you deserve with location-aware bots

Chat in location

Engage with the people and places around you instantly

Anonymous privacy

Protect your identity with whimsical randomly generated avatars

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Virtual Assistants for physical spaces

Soon — your favorite places can boost up their physical space with Snark's location-aware virtual assistants and chatbots. Gone are the days of aimlessly wandering a store or venue looking for guidance.

Shared Experiences, today and tomorrow

Reach back to any moment in time and start a conversation with the individuals who were at the same location as you. There's an entire community of Snarkers waiting for you.